Magazine and book design for print or tablet

Magazine design

Despite the arrival of tablet versions of many magazines the printed versions are still more popular. As a former art director of Time Life, Good Housekeeping and design consultant to many other magazines our principal Graham Davis uses this experience to offer a comprehensive service to publishers of books and magazines and even hybrids like this so called bookazine that bridges the gap between the two.


Book cover design

For publishers covers are just as important for online sales as they have always been in the bookshop. They invariably go through numerous iterations before the final selection is made. Publishers like our cover designs as they are always dynamic and imaginative and our approach is always to design in a style that is appropriate to the content and intended market.


Editorial layout design

The interior design of an illustrated book is as important as the cover. The styling can range from contemporary to period, technical to folksy. We are very experienced in creating a layout and design style that is right for the readership.


As the market for illustrated books is global and the cost of publishing them considerable, most publishers require sales in the US and UK as well as to non-English speaking markets in order to amortise print production costs. We have considerable experience in designing books for an international market.

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