Books/DVD packages

We are often asked to come up with complete concepts for editorial book/dvd packages. This requires us to visualise all content in order to produce cover mock-ups and other supporting sales material. Our Photoshop prowess enables us to create images for products that a the time of printing didn’t exist and that are totally digital creations.


Beer bottle labels

The craft beer market is burgeoning as more folks realise the delights of home brewing. A sizeable number have graduated and made a business from a hobby as micro breweries spring up all over the place. This product enables the production of professional quality beer labels using the templates supplied on the DVD. We created the concept and all visual and text content for this fantastic product.

Record Book

Although much of our work is based on digital technology there is still a market for the traditional print based record book with fill-in pages and physical picture frames in which to display family photographs. This product is a vehicle for the older generation to pass on their memories to their grand children. The book was bound with the picture frames at the front with the fill-in pages following. It has a tactile feel that is absent from its virtual equivalent.


Product “fake-ups”

Faking a product from scratch requires a good deal of resourcefulness on our part. We have to locate suitable images like these guitars, snowboards and beer bottles and the create graphics that adorn them and combine to make a believable fake-up. We also design and layout all the sales material. Styling is all important particularly for the editorial kit market.

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