Logos at work

We create logos and branding for a wide range of clients like architects Cowper Griffith and the Cambridge University Temporary Employment Service. A logo should try to convey what an organisation does, for example the “building blocks” used to create the “S” for Sygnosys, an international training company and the stylised “adult and children” used in the Meldreth Primary School logo.

Logo and colour branding

Prior to the internet, due to printing limitations, most logos appeared as simple black and white devices. The colour branding that the company adopted was considered as a separate issue. Nowadays colour is an integral part of logo design. For a new company all colour options are available and for this client we produced a range of logos with an array of graphic devices and colour ways.


Logo development

New logos inevitably require a period of development. Our initial designs for the Team Insight logo featured a stylised hand and ball in Team GB colours but we also developed an idea based on a sketch that our visually impaired Paralympian client drew on her iPad. This used a deeper “business blue” for the suited figure and is the version favoured by the client.

Branding for UN report

The main contribution to the branding of this 20th anniversary of the UN Human Development Report was the stylised graphics used throughout. We created images to illustrate the various chapters including the primary one, a global footprint device, as well as others like the shirt/tee shirt contrast symbolising development/lack of development and 20 streamers symbolising the 20 years since the first report was instigated.


Hospital graphics

The brief was to make this famous hospital a little less scary. We devised a number of slogans and created a design solution that could be used for posters, flyers or leaflet covers that featured a virtual badge that would be placed into the heart shaped stethoscope graphic. It could also be used as an actual badge although this was a option that the hospital rejected.

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