Golf Record System

Our multi-disciplinary skills enabled us to design both the printed materials, packaging, instruction book as well as the screen design for this DVD based interactive Golf Record System, that enables users to record their scores as well as view data about many of the most popular golf courses.

My Personal Trainer

We created the screen design for this novel personal trainer product using Filemaker to deliver the interactive content on DVD. We also designed the sales presentation. My Personal Trainer offers a custom fitness and physical development program and nutrition plan based on the participants fitness goals. Although the content was delivered on DVD the it could equally well have been web or app based.


New Parent Handbook

This product follows the same structure and approach as My Personal Trainer but with the styling and colour scheme tweaked to reflect the subject matter. It is both a handbook and organiser in which you can log all the important data relating to your baby and toddler. It enables you to create an enduring record of important events and personal memories for your family to enjoy.

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